Alternators & Starter Motors

Starter motor and alternator repairs and replacements

Having trouble starting the car? It could be a problem with your alternator or starter motor. Motolec can inspect your vehicle and find out what’s causing the problem – with some expert fault-finding we’ll get the engine running and get you back on the road!

Once we’ve identified the issue, we can repair or replace any alternator or starter motor components as needed. Or if we find the battery is causing the issue, we can replace or recharge the battery.

Our alternator and starter motor services:

  • We use the highest-quality parts for any replacements or repairs
  • Can’t get to the workshop? Our mobile auto electrician will come to you!
  • No call out fees – just straightforward hourly rates
  • Our auto electricians are highly trained and experienced

Determining the problem – is it the battery, alternator or starter motor?

It’s easy to confuse problems with your battery, alternator and starter motor as they are so closely connected. You should always have the vehicle inspected by a reliable auto electrician who can test each individual component – with proper troubleshooting, the cause of the problem can be found.

Get your alternator and starter motor looked at by professionals!

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