Electronic Fuel Injection Tuning

Get better performance and fuel economy with electronic fuel injection tuning

Motolec performs electronic fuel injection tuning on all makes and models of cars, 4WDs and trucks. Our lead mechanic has over 20 years’ experience in this area of automotive tuning and can help your vehicle achieve better performance or fuel economy – depending on your needs.

Our EFI service:

  • We specialise in all vehicle makes and models
  • We use advanced EFI tuning technology
  • We can combine the expertise of both our auto mechanics and auto electricians

EFI tuning for performance

Motolec has the skills and software necessary to alter the computer settings in your vehicle. These computer settings can be modified to allow the vehicle to release more or less fuel, as per your particular driving needs. We can help you attain better torque, performance or fuel economy.

EFI tuning diagnostics and repairs

Is your car idling or running rough? There could be a problem with the EFI system. For example, dirty and clogged filters can impact the performance of your vehicle and may require servicing. We can diagnose any problems related to the EFI system and provide any necessary repairs or maintenance.