Reverse Cameras

Drive safer with a reverse camera installation

Just bought a bigger car or simply want to take extra precautions when driving? Getting a reverse camera installed may be the perfect option for you. Motolec can supply and install a high-quality reverse camera that gives you the added vision you need when reversing.

Our auto electricians have the expertise and training to fit reverse cameras on all makes and models.

Our reverse camera installation service:

  • We install only the most reliable reverse camera technology
  • We can fit reverse cameras on cars, 4WDs, buses, trucks and caravans
  • You can have peace of mind that your reverse camera is fitted as per industry standards

Plus, if your reverse camera isn’t working properly, our professionals can troubleshoot the problem.

The benefits of reverse cameras

Reverse cameras are becoming increasingly popular with all types of drivers.

Whether you’re newly licensed or have been in the driving seat for decades, reverse cameras are equally useful. You can feel safer and more confident on the road, enhance your parking skills and potentially even prevent accidents and injuries. They are a valid addition for any vehicle.

Give your vehicle the added reverse vision you need!

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